We put the FAST in Fastening

Safety advantages of the Drill Buddy.

  • When workers drill overhead with their hand above their shoulder they are in a vulnerable position and at risk of injury. This risk is multiplied with both repetition and increased weight of the drill and when the diameter and depth of the holes drilled grow in diameter.
  • Because the SDS drill is mounted at a distance from the operator they are at reduced risk of hearing loss and silica dust exposure.
  • Workers experience much less fatigue. When workers are fatigued ability to make sound judgments decreases which leads to accidents.  A good doctor friend of mine has offered this observation…”there are very few true accidents but allot of errors in judgement.”
  • The Drill Buddy combined with a Ratchet Drill reduces fatigue and is safer for a number of reasons
    • The operator does not need to support the weight of the drill. The Drill Buddy is easy to maneuver into position for drilling multiple holes requiring fewer lift moves.
    • The drill will never fall from the lift platform as it is secure in the Ratchet Drill/Drill Buddy system.
    • Assuming a required drilling pressure 15 pounds to drill concrete plus the weight of the drill itself at 9 pounds, this would require the operator to lift with a force of 24 pounds.  The ratchet drill lever provides a 6 to 1 mechanical advantage thus reducing the drilling pressure to (1/6) X ( 24) or 4 pounds.  Imagine the difference this would make in the course of a day in the workers fatigue?
    • The Drill Buddy reduces the temptation for unsafe behavior. Construction workers typically have a “gitterdone” mind set.  This can work against safe practices as they can be tempted to work in unsafe ways by reaching or climbing outside normal safe work perimeters.  Since the Drill Buddy allows them to pivot the ratchet drill in a contained arc limited by the length of the Ratchet Drill handle unsafe practices may not be considered.

Summary: When given a choice, tools that are easier to use, reduce fatigue, and are more productive than other tools, that tool becomes the tool the worker will go to.

When the worker is safer and expends less effort and the company sees more work get done in less time with fewer loss time injuries it is a good day!

Silica Containment

We offer easy compliance and more productivity.

As of September 23rd, 2017, OSHA enacted the enforcement of the Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction under 29 CFR 1926.1153, the final rule on Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica in Construction.

Accelerated Fastening has a unique patent pending approach to silica containment. Here is what sets us apart.

  • Our system was designed from the start to work with any SDS drill, not just an after thought that bolts on.
  • You can see the drill bit before you drill to hit your mark on the ceiling. We have a retractible dust hood that can be controlled from the floor. Once the drill bit is on the target, the dust hood can be released and you can drill with confidence knowing the hole is where you wanted it.
  • We can reach tight spots. For the trades that come to a job site last, installed pipes and ductwork often presents obstacles. With our dust systems low profile, we can operate in tighter quarters than our competition.
  • We drill deep! Our standard dust system allows for a drilling depth of 4”. If you need to drill deeper we have solutions for you.

If you want an effective approach to silica containment our system really sucks, and we are proud of it!