Made and Sourced Proudly in the USA

Phone: 414.881.6630


Made and Sourced Proudly in the USA

Phone: 414.881.6630

We are just lazy guys.

With Accelerated Fastening our joke is “we’re just lazy guys”. What we are really referencing is that with our tools, even a lazy worker can out produce an ambitious worker.

We are all about working smarter… not harder

Drilling holes in concrete or metal decks overhead is one of the toughest and least pleasant jobs in the trades. We recognized an opportunity to improve working conditions by inventing tools that made the job easier, safer, and faster.


Instead of using brute force to drill holes our tools allow the tradesmen to drill with the advantage of a lever or with the ease of a joy stick that operates a pneumatic cylinder to power the drilling process. We also make fastener installation faster and safer. Learn more…


Fatigue and poor body mechanics often precedes accidents. Putting the worker further away from the source of silica dust and noise just makes sense. All our drilling tools have available OSHA table 1 rated silica containment. Not only do we provide industry best silica containment it doesn’t require a second person to hold a vac and the worker is operating at a greater distance from where the dust and noise are created.

What the experts call ergonomics we term optimized body mechanics. When a tool takes less effort and is made to reduce stress on joints and muscles it will reduce injuries and make the job easier and more pleasant. Read our testimonials.


When lifting, moving and using a tool becomes easy it takes less time. We have successfully removed hard from the hard work of overhead drilling and fastner installations. If you are using our SkyDrill™, pole™ or ratchet drill press, the job will get done faster, safer and with much less effort.


We are here to help you, the contractor get the job done in a safer and more productive fashion, When you succeed we succeed and your workers might just go home with a little more left to share with their family. We stand behind our products and will support you with excellent service.

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