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400 Holes 2-1/4” Deep in 6 Hours.
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Our Tools are in 29 States and 7 Countries

Do you have a difficult job and are looking for a more productive solution? Many of our tools and accessories were developed from ideas and problems our customers challenged us with. Call, text, or email us to learn how we can make
your overhead drilling job faster, easier, and safer.
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General Contractors and Specialty Contractors Using Our Tools Include:

Storefront and Curtain Wall Fabrication
Acoustical Ceilings

Bathroom Partitions
Parking Structures
Window and Glass
Steel Erector

Concrete Repair
Marine and Subway System Install

Ratchet Drill

Makes the tough jobs easy! Drill overhead into concrete or steel with ease using an SDS drill or battery drill. Available with dust collection.

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Drill Buddy

The ultimate partner for the Ratchet drill. Holds the Ratchet drill and attaches to your lift. Allows you to drill in a 29” arc inside or outside of the lift railing. Increases productivity and safety and reduces fatigue while making tough jobs easier.

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Support and transport the Ratchet Drill. Holds the drill vertical and supports it while being a convenient dolly for your vacuum and other tools. Increase productivity and reduces fatigue.


The ultimate drill extension! Install anchors with the threaded rod pre-installed and reduce your install time. Work faster, safer, and get more done with less effort.

Custom Skydrill

For the difficult drilling jobs with larger holes. Drill large, deep holes effortlessly by simply operating a joy stick. When you have a big job with larger holes talk to us about The Skydrill. Can be customized to your application.


We drilled about 1500 holes with your set up. Worked great! Our guys are hard on tools and have a proven track record of finding weak spots in any design!

Lithko Contracting

The ratchet drill worked awesome. It cut our installation time by 80%. The fast response made a big difference with our project. Thanks for your help. Great product.

Kurt Oberparleiter
Sunview Patio Doors LTD. Ontario Canada

Reed, Hello from the Arctic, let me start off by saying how great of a tool this has been for us so far, we have used them to their maximum potential and are in need of more.

Wells Interventions Optimizations Coordinator / British Petroleum Alaska

Reed, I too wanted to let you know that the custom drilling poles were a huge success for us. They not only resulted in cutting our project time to a fraction of what we had planned but also eliminated exposure to the risk of working at heights. Thank you again for your outstanding service and product.
We couldn’t be

Jacobs Engineering / British Petroleum Alaska

10929 W Hope Ave
Wauwatosa, WI 53222

Phone: (414) 881-6630